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Huang Mingming, the chairman of our group, was elected as the president of Kaiping Food Industry Association.

Huang Mingming, the chairman of our group, was elected as the president of Kaiping Food Industry Association.

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2019/01/07 09:47
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On the afternoon of May 13, the Kaiping City Food Industry Association's general election meeting was held in Sanyi Holiday Hotel, and the third council of the association was elected. Huang Mingming, the chairman of Guangdong Jiashili Food Group Co., Ltd., was elected as the president.
The meeting was chaired by the executive vice president Yu Guoxiong. The list of honorary presidents was reviewed and approved. Shi Xiushi, president of China Food Industry Association, Zhang Junxiu, vice president of China Food Industry Association, president of Guangdong Food Industry Association, Liang Jialu, vice president of Huiya, Liu Gang, president of Rousselot Asia Pacific For the honorary president; Zhang Jiukui, deputy secretary general of China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, Zheng Zhicai, director of Guangdong Station of China Food News, and Zheng Zhicai, executive director of Guangdong Food Society, and Li Guoji, secretary general of the Guangdong Food Society Salt and Flavor Condiment Special Committee, South China Professor Yu Ruoxi, a professor at the University of Science and Technology, is the honorary president.
The food industry is one of the three pillar industries in Kaiping City. In recent years, the food industry in Kaiping City has shown a trend of development. In 2012, the city's food industry completed a total industrial output value of 2.542 billion yuan, an increase of 38.49%. The company's planning continues to grow and develop. Currently, there are 130 food manufacturing enterprises in the city. There are 15 enterprises, and there are 5 enterprises with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. Among them, Guangdong Jiashili Food Group Co., Ltd. has won the honorary titles of China Famous Brand and China Famous Brand.
The newly elected president, Huang Mingming, said in his speech that as the new president, he is confident that he will lead all members to work in a down-to-earth manner, and will fully play the role of the bridge of the association. He will do three aspects of work: First, strengthen the association's own construction and improve the organization. Mechanism, strengthen functions, shoulder the heavy responsibility of serving the government, industry and member companies; second, strengthen service concepts, actively serve as a staff for the government, provide services for member companies, and do well for member companies to promote the development of the industry; The higher level associations and members communicate and contact to ensure the smooth flow of information channels in the industry, provide timely basis for government decision-making, and provide excellent services for the industry and member companies.