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60 years of cultivation, 120 gold medals, 3 million charitable funds, 3 billion medium-term goals, Jiashili Group 60th Anniversa


60 years of cultivation, 120 gold medals, 3 million charitable funds, 3 billion medium-term goals, Jiashili Group 60th Anniversa

60th Anniversary
2019/01/07 17:18
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On October 28th, 2016, Jiashili Group Co., Ltd. (1285.HK) celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Jiashili Group Headquarters in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province. The celebrations included press conferences, Guangdong brand-name unveiling, and supplier conferences. , dealer conference, new product ordering meeting, celebration party. Liang Xuzan, deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, Liang Qihua, deputy secretary general of Jiangmen Municipal Government, secretary of Kaiping Municipal Party Committee, director of the Municipal People's Congress Huang Yaoxiong, deputy secretary of Kaiping Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor Pang Zhenghua, and other government leaders, friends from all walks of life, investment shareholders, capital securities representatives, Jiashili dealers, Jiashili suppliers, and all employees of Jiashili Group headquarters attended the event with more than 3,300 people.
       In this regard, some insiders pointed out that all levels of government attach importance to Jiashili, witnessing the value of Jiashili, a Chinese local biscuit brand that has survived for 60 years and the strength of the Jiashili Group.
       Huang Milling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jiashili Group, delivered a speech at the celebration party on the same day, reviewing the history of Jiashili's 60 years of development and its achievements. Founded in 1956, Jiashili has seen its development in the past 60 years. From the establishment of 17 private cakes in the 1950s, from small to large, from weak to strong, the brand is well-known. In particular, after the transformation of Jiashili in 2007, the company invested more than 300 million yuan in brand building, talent cultivation and production and sales development, which enabled Jiashili to carry forward. In 2013, Jiashili biscuit production was the first in China's local brand and an outstanding representative of “Guangdong Food”, which was hailed as “Chinese biscuit king”. In 2014, Jiashili successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first share of the Chinese sugar cake industry, and the brand value doubled. After the listing, the entire Jiashili industry capitalization accelerated, with Shanghai Fosun and Jiashili set up an industrial fund, and the world's top 500 companies, Yihai Kerry Group, formed a strategic partnership with Jiashili, and Israel. Financial capital is added.
       Huang Mingming said that at present, Jiashili Group has established factory production bases in Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province and Henan Province of China, and established 25 production lines with an annual production capacity of over 120,000 tons. The annual sales scale exceeds 1 billion yuan and the number of employees exceeds 2,000 people, the products are distributed throughout the country with 300,000 terminal outlets, and the annual tax paid to the state exceeds RMB 100 million.
       To this end, Huang Mingming expressed his gratitude to the long-term support of the community in his speech, and expressed his sincere gratitude to all the staff of Jia Shili Group for their hard work and dedication for 60 years. He also said that it is the responsibility of the Jiashili Group to strengthen the company's contribution to the society. The Jiashili Group will continue to actively participate in charitable causes.
       Taking advantage of this celebration opportunity, the Jiashili Group awarded 60 gold medals to its employees, including 2 Century Talent Awards, 5 Outstanding Contribution Awards, 23 Outstanding Contribution Awards and 30 loyalty staff awards, which were supplied to gold dealers and gold medals. A total of 60 people and outstanding partners awarded gold medals. At the same time, Jiashili Group and Chairman Huang Mingming donated RMB 1 million each, and a total of 2 million yuan to support the Kaiping City Charity Association; Chairman Huang Mingming personally donated RMB 1 million to support the Guangfu People's Association. On the same day, Jiashili Group also carried out charity sales in six towns including Sancha and Shuikou in Kaiping City. The products of the whole market were sold at a discount of 60% of the original price, and the proceeds from the charity sale were all donated to charity.
       Liang Xuzan, deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, expressed his high respect to the staff of Jiashili Group on behalf of the Jiangmen Municipal People's Government. He said that the economic development of Jiangmen City cannot be separated from the real economy. Recently, the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee's working conference put forward: "Xingye Huimin, governance and simple administration", Xingye is mainly Xingye. Therefore, it is of great significance for him to participate in the 60th birthday of the Jiashili Group today. Jiashili represents a traditional industry, transforming it into a high-tech enterprise with science and technology and developing into a modern industrial group. This is a road to success. He hopes that more entrepreneurs will learn from Chairman Huang Mingming and learn from the Jiashili Group to make the company bigger and stronger and actively give back to the society.
       Kaiping City Deputy Secretary and Acting Mayor Pang Zhenghua on behalf of Kaiping Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government congratulations on the 60th birthday of Jiashili Group. He said that Jiashili Group has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Jia Shili Liwanjia” for 60 years and insists on market-oriented. Taking the road of technological innovation, it is very rare to become the only listed company in Hong Kong from the Kaiping County Sugar Cake Factory. He hopes that Jiashili Group will continue to keep pace with the development of the times, constantly innovate, seize the commanding heights of enterprise development under the new situation, and make greater contributions to promoting the economic development of Kaiping City.
       60 years of hard work, 60 years of gratitude. During the celebration, Chairman Huang Mingming said with a voice: "There will be more resources and brand-driven. By 2020, Jiashili Group will achieve total assets of over 1 billion, and the scale of cakes will reach 2 billion. The scale of capital operation will achieve 1 billion. The entire group has a scale of 3 billion."
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